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"Together in the Dream"
The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife
During the Early Decades of Walt Disney World
 Suzanne and R.J. Ogren
with a foreword by
Disney Legend Alice Davis

Beginning with the unusual  story of how RJ became a Walt Disney artist,  
and how Suzanne started as a monorail pilot, then  was Sleepy the Dwarf
and advanced  into Entertainment management, their alternating chapters tell
 often amusing stories.  Woven throughout their narratives are Disney legends
and entertainers they worked with onstage and behind the scenes.
 Among the stories:
     Working and painting underwater in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, aboard
the pirate  ships in Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan's Adventure,
and in the "jungle" of the Jungle Cruise.
 How Disney trains its monorail pilots, and the surprisingly rigorous tests
they must pass to qualify.
 Why some Animatronic characters don't wear pants and
why there was a "stick in Sleepy's eye".
 Life in the "Dwarf unit", the tight-knit group of cast members who perform
as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the Magic Kingdom.
 Repairing bullet holes in the Haunted Mansion, replacing Dopey's stolen head
and the Witch's apple, and other examples of Disney's guests gone wild

    Alice Davis creating a costume for
"It's a  Small World"
 Audio-Animatronic doll
  Some of the photographs
  that appear in the book
           Ella's Birthday Surprize
                       A special video
 Animation Art Studio behind "It's a Small World" attraction
      RJ painting on
skin of figure in "The
Carousel of Progress"
     RJ and Suzanne
at Disneyland - 1965
    Suzanne as
Sleepy  the Dwarf

​​REVIEWS of "Together in the Dream"

​                       (expanded Huffington Post Review)                                                  Chuck Mirarchi 

"....I was hooked. I wanted more.
Not only Disney Legends have good stories to tell"
Werner Weiss

"Absolutely loved this book, a great look at Suzanne and RJ's
time in the Magic Kingdom. Two people that really just 
wanted to be part of the magic and did what it took to make
it happen.

From dreams to reality, goals to goings on, and magic and mayhem. Together in the Dream is for anyone who ever wished upon a star and believes that the wishes you dream do come true.
Alexander Michael

This is clearly a "must have" for Disney parks
historians and enthusiasts" 
Didier Ghez

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Suzanne Rowe Ogren

     ​How does a professional actress and aspiring writer, big-city born & bred, handle her third move in five years? Each change in her lifestyle has been the result of a family tragedy, and Samantha Borden Garrett questions whether
she can do it again.

     This time, her move takes her to a small town in Virginia. Once settled, helping her mother run a bed and breakfast inn, Samantha begins to discover new paths: with both new and established friends, an unexpected romance,
and an opportunity for another career. All these paths twist and intertwine,
like ribbons weaving through Samantha's life.

      During an extended trip to England, to further her writing career,
Samantha's ribbons continue to guide her,  and spark changes in her. Through times of  both great happiness and enormous sadness, she will ultimately understand that the ribbons of her life combine to show her the right paths to pursue.

Cover art by R.J. Ogren

           REVIEWS of "Ribbons" 
" ...extremely well written. The
characters draw you in,
connecting you with their lives."
Soarin Diva
To read full review click here

"A wonderful novel. I really
enjoyed fowlowing Samantha's
ribbons through life. Do
yourself a favor and get lost
in the story.

      From Lexington. Va.            to           England 
       Link to Suzanne's Blog:

"The Design of Fear"
​R.J. Ogren

How the Haunts Happen
When former Disney artist RJ Ogren left the Mouse, he began his journey in the macabre, designing haunted attractions across the country, from hayrides to the Queen Mary. Armed with black-light paint and his fiendish imagination, RJ bent his Disney training to the design of fear.

While working at Walt Disney World, RJ did what most of us would love to do: he walked through attractions like the Haunted Mansion before the park opened, when the rides were running but empty of guests, looking for imperfections or damage that he would repair in his on-site studio.

From there, RJ went into business for himself as a "fear designer", specializing in custom-painted, 3-D, haunted rooms and attractions, some of them in places, such as the Queen Mary, already haunted by their own ghosts — and RJ isn't ashamed to admit that he may have run into a few of those ghosts himself.

The Design of Fear is a diary-like account of RJ's career, starting with the Haunted Mansion and continuing through indoor and outdoor "scare zones", through the boiler rooms of ocean liners and under the flapping folds of tents pitched in the wilderness.
If you're ready ... walk this way...
Read what scares him as he encounters both real and imagined ghosts, while creating black light 3D haunts across America.

           REVIEWS of "The Design of Fear" 

I couldn't put it down! The stories were great. 
If all things Disney and Halloween, you will love this book!
Calyn Kuiper

"This is a great read for just the creativity this man has, truly a gift and hidden gem. His ghost stories made me laugh."
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Some of the photographs
that appear in the book

The Haunted Mansion
Stretch Room


The Maw

HMS Queen Mary

                   "Remembering the Magic"
                            Suzanne and R.J. Ogren
                                    with a Forword by Disney Legend
                               Bev Bergeron

                           The Sequel to "Together in the Dream"

​​A Monkey Paw in the Magic Kingdom

When R.J. and Suzanne Ogren "remember the magic" of Walt Disney
World, they're not remembering their trips to the most magical place
on earth, they're remembering their jobs: Suzanne as a character
performer, R.J. as an artist. Their backstage stories are like none
you've ever read before.
How do the ghosts, pirates, bears, presidents, jungle animals, and all
the other audio-animatronic figures in the Magic Kingdom look as
flawless today as they did when the park first opened, in 1971? Disney
employs an on-site team of artists to inspect and repair every figure
equipped with motion and sound, in every attraction, as well as all of
the sets, murals, and props.
R.J. Ogren joined the Magic Kingdom's mischievous, prank-playing
team of artists in the 1970s. He survived nearly drowning in the Jungle
Cruise; an oil-spewing, country-singing bear in Country Bear
Jamboree; runaway ghosts in Haunted Mansion; and many other
close encounters of the magical kind, armed only with his paint
brushes, scrapers, and black-light paint.
​Along with his wife, Suzannne, who worked as a character performer
and later in the Entertainment Department of the Magic Kingdom,
R.J. counts his time spent as a Walt Disney World cast member as some
of the best years of his life.
His and Suzanne's stories are sure to make you laugh, such as the time
R.J. discovered Lincoln's monkey paw in the Hall of Presidents, and
maybe even shed a tear.
With a foreword by legendary Diamond Horseshoe Revue performer
Bev Bergeron!


Some of the photographs
that appear in the book

Bev Bergeron
in Diamond Horseshoe Revue
1971 - 1986

Country Bear Jamboree

Dreamfinder and Figment
with Sean and Dawn Ogren

The Dapper Dans

REVIEWS  of "Remembering the Magic"

"Suzanne and RJ have done it again. Just like in "Together in the Dream", the stories in this book are just as heartfelt and sentimental, as you would expect from these two."

This book is beyond entertaining for
an extreme Disney fanatic."
K. Anulies

​See more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads


  Fun Photos that didn't Make it into our Books
As in any published book. many pictures. for one reason or another, do not make it into the final edit. We wanted to give you, our readers, a chance to see those pictures. 

Together in the Dream

Chapter 1
​The Unusual Journey to my Dream""
RJ marching down Main Street with Characters - Sept. 1971

Chapter 4
"MAPO stops"
Suzanne piloting Monorail
on hotel line

Chapter 14
​"Smiling Faces"
Suzanne as Mr. Smee

Chapter 18
​Hot Work on the Tarmac""
Zoo Crew waiting for next photo setup.

Chapter 27
​"Jiminy Cricket is
Just Too Big"

Chapter 15
​"The Apple is Missing Again"
Black light apple
​"Snow White's Scary Adventure"

Chapter 18
​"Hot Work on the Tarmac"
Suzanne as Sleepy
in front row on right

Chapter 7
​"I Can't Breathe....""
Beach at 20K where we put on scuba gear

Chapter 16
​"Now I'm a Famous Dwarf"
Suzanne as Sleepy
in Forecourt show

Chapter 4
​"MAPO Stops..."
Suzanne as Monorail Pilot

Chapter 3 "Now There's aStick in Sleepy's Eye"  - This scene is the show finale

Chapter 34
​Bob Ross
We were friends with Bob, who lived near us in Orlando. RJ did two cartoon videos for Bob Ross that are still sold to this day. They show very basic cartoon technique and are the only cartoon videos produced by Bob Ross Productions. RJ also did a 30 second cartoon video for Bob and it was used for a few years as the intro to his shows on PBS

A new surprise photo coming soon

Remembering the Magic

Chapter  10​​
"Other  Character's Stories"
​Holly Hill Hynes as GusGus

Chapter 8
"Jimmy's Stories" - First story  
Bobbie Caso as Peter Pan
and Bill Holland as Captain Hook 

Chapter  28
"Country Bears at Christmas"
​Suzanne as Host

Chapter 10
"Other Character's Stories"
​Connie Hunter as
Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 33
"Sean's Stories"
Sean Ogren in white  jersey

Chapter 8
"Jimmy's Stories"
Second story - 
Jimmy Gray as Peter Pan
is on top of the plane

Chapter 10
""Other Character's Stories"
Dave Guibert as Pluto
with his children

Chapter 10
"Other Character's Stories"
Lori Engle
in "America on Parade"

Chapter 17
"Hidden Gifts"
Emmett Otter with Sean and Fletcher Ogren

Chapter 33
"Sean's Stories"
"Sean and Sande Ogren onstage"

Chapter 18
"Last Night of the Electrical Light Parade""

A new surprise photo coming soon

The Design of Fear

Chapter 37
"Blood Red Hand"

Chapter 3
"Screams, Groans, and Moans"

Chapter 13
"The Queen in Long Beach"

Chapter 13
"The Queen in Long Beach"
​The Lounge

Chapter 13
"The Queen in Long Beach"

A new surprise photo coming soon

Chapter  21
"The Maw"
​In color

Chapter  1
"Something Wicked is Here"
Scene from the movie "Them"

Illustrated Books By RJ Ogren
Numerous photos appear in the book along
with the pencil illustrations I created.

   I provided the illustrations for this book written by our good friend Bev Bergeron while working at Walt Disney World. Bev was a main character in the "Diamond Horseshoe Revue" in Frontierland and I was an artist working out of the Animation Studio behind the "It's a Small World" attraction. This book was in a major exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute . Afew copies of this hardbound edition can be obtained through Bev's Facebook page.

Bev wrote a detailed description that appeared next
to the ink illustrations I created for that illusion.
   I illustrated this coloring book in 1997 for the George C, Marshall Foundation located on the campus of Virginia Military Institute. Very few copies remain of this limited edition. A used copy is selling on Amazon for $95. 
 I have three copies in pristine condition available for sale at $500 each.
Signed by me if requested. If interested, contact me through email at [email protected] Purchase through PayPal - packaging and shipping are free.
Coloring Book
Fun DisneyVideos 

                      Official Disney  photo
RJ did artwork in all the attractions while Suzanne worked in entertainment at Walt Disney World. These videos are for your viewing pleasure. Except for the image of Walt and Mickey, all still photos are by RJ Ogren. 

New videos will be added monthly

Click on the image to watch a video....
and have fun!

Richard Sherman tribute to Walt Disney
Suzanne appeared as a character
in the original 1978 parade.
This is a 2003 video
  The Haunted Mansion
RJ did artwork on all these ghosts and sets with the other three artists
Suzanne Ogren as Sleepy the Dwarf
in Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade

Current Projects
"Walt's Disney World"
​(working title)
by Suzanne and RJ Ogren

Our  third book in the series about our careers in the early decades of Walt Disney World

Due out late 2018

Untitled Novel
the sequel to "Ribbons"  by
Suzanne Ogren


Shakespeare in the suburbs of Chicago
Artistic Director
Sean Ogren
"Much Ado About Nothing"
May 2018
Directed by Sean Ogren & Suzanne Ogren