Art by R.J.
and Painting Videos by R.J.
    My eclectic  artwork includes a broad range
of subjects and styles.
  All of my commissioned works have a unique story behind them that have  provided some unusual and exciting opportunities and adventures. 
   Working with famous actors, sports figures and astronauts Traveling to unusual locals. Surfing in Hawaii. Swiming in oceans around the world and scuba diving in "20.000 Leagues Under the Sea" in the Magic Kingdom. 
  I lead an unusual life as an Artist, and I am having a brilliant time.
If you are interested in a commissioned painting, you can contact me through Facebook Messenger.
 Painting with RJ Ogren - Videos

While showing techniques on how to paint with acrylics, I inject humor mixed with
interesting tidbits about our Disney lives and the crazy, fun times Suzanne and I
have as authors, artists and actors. I will do a new live Facebook video each week at:

I will go live once a week, as schedule permits. Go to my Facebook Page  or  Groups to  find my next scheduled live event.
Randy Jack Ogren -
RJ Ogren and Disney -
The Haunted Mansion and Beyond with RJ Ogren -  

  #1 RJ Paints a castle  

​​ #3 Painting a Gator ​​
​​ #4 Painting a Duck ​​
​​ #5 Painting a Chipmunk ​​
​​​​ #19 The Tombstone Lady
RJ's Paintings 
         A sampling  

  1. "Pirates"
  2. In my Studio
  1. garden, England, cottage, friends, flowers
  2. ocean, surf, Miami, beach. water, seaside, storm, waves
  3. UM, sebastion, ibis, bird, football, college, university, mascot, alumnus, alumni
  4. Apollo 11, astronaut, Neil Armstrong, painting, moon, moon landing, first on the moon, Cape Canaveral, space, launch
  5. acrylic, acrylic paintings, painting, canvas, landscape, country
  6. WWII, P-51, fighter, plane, Omaha Beach, France, D-Day. allies
  7. W&L, Lee, Washington and Lee University, Robert E. Lee, home, campus, Civil War
  8. book, author, fiction, novel, England, Virginia, read, amazon, still life painting
  9. St. Mary's Abby, York, England, ruins, historic, history
  10. 1776, revolution, America, Patriots, painting
  11. WWII, World War II, fighter, P-38, plane, speed
  12. VMI, cadets, marching, college, Lexington, barracks
  13. sailboat, sunset, sun, ocean
  14. jack hanna, zoo, animals, wild animals, zoo animals, lions, tigers, bears, birds, conservation
  15. painting, artist, Paris, France
  16. chess, New York, board, players
  17. Arnold Palmer, golf, Masters, Tee, clubs,
  18. Space, shuttle, Columbia, astronaut, Payload Specialist, Senator Bill Nelson
  19. cubs, Chicago, Wriggly, field, baseball, champs,
  20. horse, race,
A Special Anniversary Gift
I painted this for our friends who were celebrating their 14th. It started with just the wedding party, but friends and family wanted their favorite characters in the painting as well. 
See how many you can count. And yes. All seven dwarfs are in attendance.

                              My Unusual Adventures with Bob Ross
  Suzanne and I met Bob when he came to the James Best Theatre and Film Acting School and he took one of my acting classes.
We became close friends and I would go to his home  near us in Central Florida where we would joke around, tell stories and do paintings on canvas. He, of course, would work in oil and I would paint in acrylics. We would execute the same scene and race to see who could finish first. I always lost to the master.
  In 1988, he  asked me to come to the PBS Studios in Indianapolis to film two (very basic) cartoon drawing videos and one acrylic painting video. The first ever in these mediums for his company.
The acrylic landscape video was a very funny disaster. I couldn't paint the scene in one half  hour in acrylics like Bob could in oils. I still have the master copy. 
   On the other hand, the cartooning videos were a success and are still being sold today through the Bob  Ross Company.

   Then I created a thirty second cartoon intro and  a thirty second closing for the Bob Ross "Joy of Painting" show on PBS. No computer animation programs existed when I created these on a Mac in a post production studio near Walt Disney World. I had to hand  draw each "cell" and then enlarge each image on the Mac and color each pixel. It took three months. The cartoons, which included a bird and Bob's pet squirrel, were used from 1989 til 1992
Beginning Cartooning
by RJ Ogren for Bob Ross Co

​​​Portraits by RJ
  1. actor, singer, Disney, theater, film, television, stage, screen, Emmy
  2. actor, singer, entertainer, stage, screen, tv, albums
  3. Oscar, actress, theatre, acting, film, Swanson, arts
  4. VMI, school, college, cadet, military, institute, students, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
  5. actor, Oscar, film, television, award, acting
  6. Actor, Oscar, winner, theater, television, Jennifer Grey, Clark Gregg
  7. Oscar, Academy Awards, actress, actor, film, singer
  8. Swanson, Gloria, portrait, oil, humanities, research, Center, collection actress, Oscar, film, star,
  9. Sleepy, dwarf, zoo crew Disney
  10. "Amy and Ray"
  11. "Hunter"
  12. children, portrait, family
  13. "Christopher and Alex Blanchard"
  14. "Fletcher Ogren"
   I paint portraits in acrylics on canvas and I have had the opportunity to paint a number of commissioned portraits for film stars including Liza Minnelli and Gloria Swanson.
   My murals appear in homes, theme parks, theatres and workplaces throughout America. 
  1. castk=le, stone, Ireland, medieval, history, historic
  2. stone, wall , castle, historic, Ireland, travel
  3. Alex and RJ on completion day of "Pearls"
  4. carriage, horse, horses, restaurant, mural
  5. exhibit, Disney, Chicago, Walt,
  6. photography, photos, mural, murals, weddings
  7. "Ultraviolet Pixie Dust Swirls"
  8. photo, mural, immigrants, America,
  9. home, mural, carriage, red,
  10. tree, treehouse, mural, animals, cartoon, wall
  11. Tuscany, Italy, mural, wine
  12. "Tuscany"
3-D Haunted Houses - Into the Darkness
Some of the my favorite images 
  1. The Maw
  2. Stairway to Terror
  3. Girl Falling from Bridge
  4. Endless Hallway
  5. Horrifying Horses
  6. Gator
  7. Whirpool
  8. The "Cemetery - Del Mar Scream Zone
  9. Phantoms
  10. Toxic Waste Warehouse - Del Mar Fairgrounds
  11. RMS Queen Mary
   I have designed and painted 3D black light haunted houses from coast to coast. Guests, wearing special 3D glasses, were constantly having images follow them, turn with them as they walked past and come up off the floor.
The dark areas I created were excellent hiding places for the "live" actors who suddenly appeared out of the gloom.
These pictures are from two of my favorite "haunts" , The RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca and The Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds in southern California.