About R.J. and Suzanne Ogren
      R.J. Ogren



  Walt Disney World artist 

​  Actor, Director and Producer

  Over 40 years experience in the arts.

  A BEd from the University of Miami in Art Education               with an emphasis on paintings, and a minor in                             Architecture

  Illustrator of two published books

  Scenic Designer / Scenic Artist

​  Parade Director and Float Designer

  ​Guest Speaker


      Suzanne Ogren

​  Author

​  Actress, Dancer, Theatre Director and Producer

  Guest Speaker

  Cast member at Walt Disney World -
  1976 to 1978: first as a monorail pilot, then costume character   entertainer.
  1983 to 1994: entertainment management, including special       events and convention entertainment.

    Suzanne has been a published writer of articles and essays         since 1995, but she's been writing ever since she learned to             read at age four. She has written numerous magazine and           newspaper articles, focusing on personality profiles and               travel.

   With husband, R.J. she wrote "Together in the Dream: The          Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early                       Decades of Walt Disney World", and "Remembering the               Magic". The third in this trilogy, "Imagination and Dreams       are Forever" will be published in the fall of 2019.

     Suzanne's novel, "Ribbons" , a character-based story, set in      Lexington, Virginia, and various England sites, has received      critical acclaim.

    From a young age, she always wanted to have a career in           the arts. She studied dance with the hope of being a                           professional dancer, and, by the age of eleven, was in a ballet      company. She pursued acting as well, won her first award for     performance at 16, and directed her first play at 17. She and         R.J. met working on a play together in high school. Her acting   and theatre credits span more than 50 years.

    Her dance experience helped her realize her dream to work        for Walt Disney World, when she auditioned and was chosen    to play Sleepy the Dwarf in shows, sets, commercial shoots,        and parades (including Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade, and      the  Main Street Electrical Light Parade). She also appeared        as Mr. Smee, Bianca and Bernard ("The Rescuers" mice),              Robin Hood, White Rabbit, Cinderella's mice, and all Seven        Dwarfs (at one   time or another) while a Zoo Crew member.

  During her years in Entertainment Management at Walt           Disney World, she frequently had the opportunity of working     with well-known celebrities, including The Smothers                       Brothers,  George Kennedy, Paula Zahn, Howard Keel, and        Dean Jones.

​  Suzanne is available for guest speaking engagements. Her           topics include her entertainment career at Walt Disney                  World, her theare experiences, and  her published works.     

     RJ was one of the four original management artists at         Walt Disney World in the 1970's, in charge of creative             control at the Magic Kingdom. I worked with, and under     the guidance of  such Disney legends as Marc Davis,               Wathel Rodgers and Leota Toombs.

     With the other three artists, I painted, created and                 refurbished Audio-Animatronic figures, sets, props and         murals in the theme park. My work was seen by guests in     such attractions as The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the     Caribbean, The Country Bear Jamboree, 20,000Leagues     Under the Sea, Peter Pan's Flight, The Carousel of                     Progress, The Hall of Presidents and The Jungle Cruise.
     Over the years, I have produced portraits, paintings               and murals for clients that include Liza Minnelli, Gloria      Swanson, John Davidson, Dolly Parton, U.S. Senator Bill    Nelson(Fl), The Queen Mary, Del Mar Racetrack                      Fairgrounds, the city of Wheaton, Illinois, the Chicago          Museum of Science and Industry  and D23.
  My clients are located across the USA, and in countries          that include England, France, Australia and China.

​      I have designed over 60 sets for theatres                                    in Florida, Connecticut, California, Colorado and                    Illinois, including productions of  "Spamalot", "Full                  Circle", "Barefoot in the Park"," 1776", "The Sound of                Music", "Picasso at the Lapin Agile", "Hamlet", "Much          Ado About Nothing", "Into the Woods" and "Music Man".

      I am co-author, with my wife, Suzanne, of  "Together in    the  Dream" and "Remembering the Magic"  about                    our unique careers in the early decades of Walt Disney           World.
      I also wrote "The Design of Fear" about my work in              Disney's Haunted Mansion as well as haunted houses            around the U.S., often coming into contact with real and      imagined ghosts.
      I am available for guest speaking engagements: topics        include my art and entertainment career,  published                works and several motivational topics.


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Suzanne as Sleepy in Mickey's 50th Parade - 1978 video


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